Homeschool Planning Software

Get Control of Your Homeschool Plans and Records

Simple. No wasted paper. No heavy notebooks. Years of memories safe and secure.

Create courses, lesson plans, and assignments that can be reused again and again for all of your students. Print out a weekly to-do sheet for each student.
Instead of just one schedule per student, create detailed routines for every day of the week, for remembering chores and habits, workouts, cleaning routines, and more.
Record grades, benchmark objective, or written evaluations for each course. Print out grade reports, progress reports or transcripts as needed.
Remember the details of life. Record what you did, what you talked about, questions, field trips, funny quotes, lists, brainstorming, or anything else you can think of.
COMING SOON: Record journal entries, grades, and attendance on the go. Refer to your book lists at the library. Check what supplies are needed for upcoming assignments and projects.
Satisfy state requirements by keeping track of attendance for all of your students with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Print out attendance reports as needed
Upload photos of your child’s activities, friends, projects, and favorite things. Then print out your photos in a yearbook style layout with captions to create scrapbooks or portfolios
Keep track of all the books, movies, software, and other resources you use for home- schooling. Make any number of book lists for each student or wish lists of resources to find/borrow

What Others Are Saying . . .

“Olly was designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers and their forums are extremely helpful. Any changes we suggested have already been implemented.” –Lora Lynn Fanning from Simple Homeschooling

“I have only tried a couple online planning programs (I could not use any of the PC compatible software) in the past and found them rather difficult to use. They were not particularly useful for our more flexible approach and I found myself trying to conform my school to a particular (and uncomfortable) planning method. We are largely literature-based (hence, the book list joy!) and OLLY looks like it will provide a way for me to organize and plan according to my own style and school personality.” – Melody from Mama’s Little Ditty 

“There are other online planners out there, but they come with a yearly fee.  Since I use OLLY, I keep all of the records (backing up to Dropbox) and never have to fear an outside source losing anything.” – DeeDee from FiddleDeeDee



Version 1.5.4 Released

This update will allow OLLY to continue to work on the latest MacOS versions. It also fixes some stability issues.

Previous Release Notes

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