Homeschool Planning Software

User Information

The Admin > Users page is where information about each user (students, teachers and administrators) is recorded, as needed.

• To add or remove a user, click on the triangle in the upper right corner.

• To edit or add information about an existing user, select his or her name from the list to bring up the detailed view box.

General: Includes basic identifying information, along with a “Notes” section where you could record quotes, thoughts, health related info, current events or other miscellaneous information. If you want this user to be able to edit learning plans, check the “Admin Privileges?” box. Without admin privileges, a user will be able to see, but not edit, his or her own lesson plans, assignments, and routines. He or she will only be able to edit personal journal entries, notes, and mark assignments as completed.

Under “Photos,” you may upload photos of the user and create captions. This is the beginning of your school yearbook! At the end of the year (or any time), you can use OLLY templates to print out a scrapbook or yearbook with your photos and other entries. For more about this, please see “Reports.”

To add, change or remove a photo: Click on the small triangle on the right side of the caption box. Please note that photos uploaded to OLLY are only copies, which are stored in a special image folder within the OLLY application. If you delete or alter the folder, OLLY won’t be able to use the photos until they are uploaded again.

School History: This page is useful for students who have moved frequently or switched schools from year to year. This is especially important for high school aged students when assembling a transcript with grades/credits from various schools. To add information about a school year, select the “add” button at the bottom of the screen. To edit information, click within the selected year. To remove an entry, select a year and click the “remove” button at the bottom of the screen.

Activities and Achievements: Record extracurricular activities, classes, sports, jobs, volunteer work, and any achievements associated with those activities.

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To add a new activity, click on the small triangle inside the top bar. Click “add” and enter a name for the activity or achievement at the cursor inside the “Name” box. Hit <return> and the name will appear in the side column. Enter any other information you choose. Use <tab> to move quickly between entry fields.

This page is a good place to add photos: team photos, action shots, awards ceremonies, friends, coaches, teachers or any other image that best describes the moment. To add, change or remove a photo, click on the small triangle on the right side of the caption box.

To edit an activity, select from the box on the left entitled “Activities and Achievements.” The detailed view for that activity will appear and you may simply click in any field to edit. Note that OLLY saves all changes automatically, so you do not need to save.

Standardized Tests: If a student took any standardized tests you wish to record, click on the “add” button at the bottom of the screen. A highlighted row will appear – just click inside any field to begin typing. Press <tab> to move to the next field.

Since most tests breakdown scores for different subjects, you could either write out each score in the “Notes” field or enter each subject’s score on a different line item. For example, you would enter the scores for “Iowa Reading,” “Iowa Mathematics,” “Iowa Social Studies,” and “Iowa Science” on different lines.

You can break down general subject scores even farther using the Notes section. For example, you could enter “Iowa Reading” as name, “334” as Total Score, and “Vocabulary 335, Reading Comprehension 333, Spelling 308, Revising Written Materials 321” in the Notes field. Or you could make a separate entry for each part of the Reading test.

If you wish to edit an entry, just click next to the data you wish to delete or edit. To remove an entry, first select the entry by clicking anywhere inside the row, then press the “remove” button at the bottom of the screen.