Homeschool Planning Software

School Information

Here is where you record the information that might be needed in personal or official reports; and where you specify the settings for your school’s lesson planning.

• Only users who have been granted admin privileges will have access to this section.

General Info: The school name and address information is not necessary unless you plan to print reports for local school officials or transcripts.

Activities on this page indicate the type of activities that go along with assignments, such as: reading, test, project, writing, narration, memorize, read-­aloud, experiment, sketch, etc. You can add or delete activities by clicking on the “+” or “-­“ buttons to the right.

Subjects are very broad, basic categories that are mainly useful for communicating with school officials and creating transcripts. More important are the courses that you create within these subjects. Courses are created in the “Learning” section. When you create a course, you can specify which subject from this list it belongs to.

You can add or delete subjects by clicking on the “+” or “-­“ buttons to the right.

School Years: All of your school records will be archived in OLLY year after year. Only the entries for the “Active School Year” will be visible or editable. To see records for a previous year, select the name of the year and click the “Set as Active” button on the bottom right side of the box. Or simply choose a school year from the dropdown box in the top menu bar. Only school years you have created will be available to set as active.

To add a new school year, click on the “+” button in the bottom tool bar and choose the start and end dates. The name of the school year, based on your selected dates, will appear in the side bar. If you want to divide the year into terms such asQuarter, Semester, or Trimester, select the number of terms and OLLY will set the start and end dates for each term. If you want this entry to be the new Active School Year, click the “Set as Active” button on the bottom right side of the box.

If you wish to set aside time for your holidays or vacations, use the “Add” or “Remove” buttons. These dates will automatically be accounted for in the Attendance section.

Under students, add the names of users who will be “enrolled” during this school year. Only users you have entered in the “Users” section will be available to add.

You may also enter how many hours a day each student is expected to do schoolwork, if you are required to report such things to your local authorities.

Grading Scales: This is the place to enter different numerical grading scales if you wish. This is where you would enter a weighted grading scale for AP or Dual Credit courses.  The appropriate grading scale can then be assigned to individual courses in the Learning > Planning > Courses section. To add a new grading scale, enter it by clicking on the top right triangle and select “Add.”

If you do not plan to use typical point-­‐based grades, just ignore this section. You will have an opportunity to establish benchmarks or proficiency based evaluations for each course in the “Learning” section.