Homeschool Planning Software

“Today Page”

The “Today” page is the first screen that appears after logging in. It shows at-a-glance the assignments due for the day or week, and the routine of the day.

Today Weekly view

The user name and avatar appear in the upper left corner. If the user has admin privileges, the toolbar at the top of the page will show navigation buttons for the Learning, Reports, Admin and Resources sections.

There are two different ways to view assignments on the Today page – either weekly as shown above or daily as shown below.

Today Daily view

• This page makes it easy for students to log in and see all of their assignments for the day or week. Lesson plans are shown on the left and specific assignments for each plan are shown either on a specific day or for the week (assignments are created within the Learning Section).

• If the user has admin privileges, a “Switch User View” button in the bottom toolbar allows the user to view assignments for any user.

• To print the list of assignments, click the “Print” button in the bottom tool bar.

Routines: Routines can be used to layout a daily homeschool schedule, chores, cleaning routines, habit reminders, or anything else that you might need help remembering. Choose from available routines listed in the dropdown box. If no routines are listed, click here to learn more about creating routines.

Notes: Notes can be edited by the user or anyone with admin privileges. This is a place to jot down quick “Don’t forget” messages, encouragement, or explanation for the user. This is a simple textbox, so to add a new note, just click within the box and start typing at the cursor. To delete a previous note, select the text and delete.