Homeschool Planning Software

Entering a Learning Plan

The Learning Plan screen shows you an overview of all of your students’ learning plans, i.e. the courses and lesson plans that have been assigned to each student for the active school year. The right side of the overview is your filing cabinet, showing any courses or lesson plans that have ever been created, even from past school years. This allows you to recycle old courses and lesson plans, assigning them to new students.

 Learning Plan

You will see columns for each student enrolled in the active school year. If no student names appear, return to the “School Years” page in the admin section and add students to the active school year.

To assign a course to a student: Click on a course in the filing cabinet and drag it into the appropriate student’s column. If the course you want hasn’t been created yet, click on “Courses” in the left sidebar to create it.

Courses are really just titles though. The real day-­to-­day work comes from Lesson Plans, which are basically lists of assignments.

To assign lesson plans to courses: After you have assigned courses to each student, you may assign lesson plans to the courses by clicking on a lesson plan in the filing cabinet and dragging it to the appropriate course name. If the lesson plan you want is not listed in the filing cabinet, click on “Lesson Plans” in the left sidebar to create it.

Notice that lesson plans must be assigned to courses. You cannot place a lesson plan by itself on a student’s column. You may also assign any number of lesson plans to a single course. For instance, you may have different lesson plans for spelling, grammar, and poetry all assigned to one course of “3rd Grade Language Arts.”

First assign courses and then assign lesson plans. 

The Learning Plan view shows who is studying what. “Courses” and “Lesson Plans” let you add the details for what students will be covering, and the Assignment Calendar is where you specify when an assignment will be done.