Homeschool Planning Software

Create or Edit a Course


Click on “Courses” in the left sidebar of the Learning Section and a list of any courses you have created will appear, along with a detailed view box.

Homeschool Courses in OLLY

To edit a course: Click on any course in the list and edit the information as necessary.

To add a course: Click on the small triangle in the upper right hand corner and select “add.” Click on the Name field to type in the new name of your course, and press <return>. Since courses can be re­‐used every year, try to be specific when naming your course so that you can later tell the difference between similar sounding courses, such as “4th Grade American History” and “10th Grade American History.”

Course descriptions: These are important for high school level courses because colleges often request this information for homeschooled applicants. The “Course Descriptions” Report in the Reports section will include all the course description information you enter here. Consider listing the books or other important resources you will be using, along with major topics covered during the course. Press <tab> to move to the next field.

Grading Scale: If you do not want to grade this course with typical point based grades, choose “No Value.” Otherwise, choose which grading scale to use for this course from the drop-down menu. If you need to add a different grading scale, return to Admin > School Info > Grading Scales.

Include in Transcript: Transcripts are unique reports that display courses, grades, and cumulative GPA over multiple years. If this course will not be graded, or you don’t want to include this course in a formal report, deselect the box next to “Include in transcript?”

Select color: Courses are color-coded on the student’s “Today” page. Choose the color by clicking on the colored bar next to “Select color.” A pop-up will appear with a color wheel, sliders, or palettes to choose from.

Credit hours: Credit hours show the relative amount of time a student will spend on this course compared to other courses, so it is important to be consistent. A common method is to assign one full credit for a yearlong course, one half credit for a semester, and one quarter credit for a quarter. But to avoid confusion, you may want to follow the same credit hour system that your local school district uses. Credit hours are optional, unless you plan to include this course in a transcript.

Benchmarks are an optional way to list the important skills or concepts that the student will be mastering during the course. Later, you may choose to mark proficiency in each of these benchmarks in the “Recording” section.

   To add a benchmark: Use the “+” button at the bottom of the text box and click on the words, “New Benchmark” to type in your text.

To remove a benchmark: Select the line item you wish to remove and click on the “-­‐“ button at the bottom of the text box.

Notes: This is a simple text box to add any additional information such as planned field trips, materials needed, outside teachers or group activities planned. Click in the box to begin typing.