Homeschool Planning Software

Recording Assignment Completion

Assignment Completion and Marking Grades

In the left sidebar of the Learning section, select Recording > Assignment Completion > name of student, and a list of that student’s lesson plans will appear in the text box. Select a lesson plan, and a list of used assignments will appear. This does not show ALL of the assignments in a lesson plan, only the ones which have been assigned to the calendar.

Click in the “Completed” box to indicate when an assignment has been completed. Double click on the “Points Obtained” to enter points. The percentage and grade will automatically be calculated and displayed.

OLLY will assume that the assignment was completed on the day it was scheduled in the assignment calendar, and the grade will be reflected in the appropriate school term grade report. If you want to indicate that the assignment was completed on a different day, just go back to the assignment calendar and move the assignment to a different day.

Course Benchmarks

To record when a student has mastered a certain skill or concept, select Recording > Course Benchmarks > name of student, and a list of that student’s courses will appear in the text box. Select a course, and a list of benchmarks for that course will appear. If you wish to create new benchmarks, click on “Courses” in the sidebar, and select the course for which you want to add benchmarks.

For each benchmark, you have the choice of selecting: “Not Applicable,” “Exceeds Proficiency,” “Meets Proficiency,” “Approaches Proficiency” or “Below Proficiency.”

You may change your selection as the year progresses. Specify the date when each benchmark was achieved.

Written Assessments

Written assessments may be used in place of grading or benchmarks, or in addition to other methods of evaluation, or not at all.

To enter a written assessment: Select Recording > Written Assessments > student’s name and then choose a course from the student’s learning plan (list of courses). Click on the textbox and begin typing. If you wish to remove or edit information, just use the cursor to navigate.

Any changes are automatically saved.