Homeschool Planning Software

Recording Attendance

From the left sidebar in the Learning section, select Recording > Attendance > Manage Attendance, and a calendar will appear with a list of enrolled students in the right side column.

Homeschool Attendance

Holidays and vacation times you set under Admin > School Years will already be marked on the calendar.

To show that a student completed schoolwork for the day, click on the student’s name and drag it over to the appropriate day.

You may also highlight multiple students and drag the names together to the appropriate days, or use the “Auto Generate Attendance” button at the bottom of the page to mark attendance for a group of days. Follow the directions in the pop-up box.

If your state requires you to report hours, you can adjust the number of hours each student completes in a typical school day in Admin > School Year > Students. The hours will then be calculated along with days in the Attendance Report.

For a summary of days and hours attended, go to the Reports section to print out an Attendance Report.