Homeschool Planning Software


Homeschool Journals

Journals are especially useful for recording “after‐the­‐fact” learning. If you don’t like to plan out lesson plans or assign grades, journals are a great way to record what you did each day. Even if you do record assignments, journals are a place to jot down questions, thoughts, and memories. You can also add photos to your journals.

Every user can create any number of journals for a variety of purposes, such as a workout log, reading log, personal diary, field trip log, learning log, or a place to brainstorm ideas. Only users with admin privileges will have access to all of the journals. Users without admin privileges will only be able to view and create their own journals.

To create a new journal:

Go to Learning > Journals > Manage Journals. Click on the triangle in the upper right corner and select “Add.” Double click on the “New Journal” title to name the journal, then press <return>. The name of the journal will then appear in the left column.

To create a new journal entry:

First select the appropriate journal from the list in the left column. A list of all previous entries will appear in the “Entries” box. Click on the small triangle in the “Entries” box and select “Add.” The detailed journal entry box will clear for your new entry.

All of the fields are optional, but you may want to add a name or unique date to the entry in order to tell the entries apart.

To add a photo to a journal entry:

Click on the small triangle within the caption box and select “add.” A pop-­up will allow you to browse and choose a photo from your computer. Once the picture is loaded, type a caption in the caption box. You may add as many photos as you wish.