Homeschool Planning Software


This is the place to print out lists of resources, book lists, journal entries, activities & achievements, routines, lists of assignments, learning plans, attendance, progress reports, grade reports, transcripts, course descriptions, and yearbooks.

To print a report: select the desired report from the Reports list, select the parameters from the dialog box, usually name of student and the desired time frame, and click the “Print” button in the bottom tool bar.

Grade Report: This will compute and display grades for any courses that are graded. It is important to make sure that all the assignments with points possible assigned during the reporting period are awarded points (graded) before creating this report. Otherwise, the “Points earned” will remain at zero, and may inadvertently affect the student’s grades.

Progress Report: This will display course benchmark completion, and any written assessments. Only courses with benchmarks or written assessments will be displayed.

High School Transcript: This report usually spans the student’s 9th thru 12th grade years, displaying grades, credit hours, and cumulative GPA.

Course Descriptions: Colleges or other school officials may want to see descriptions of the courses your student has taken. If you wish to edit the course descriptions, return to Learning > Planning > Courses.

Attendance: The Attendance Report shows all the days marked present for an individual student (see Learning > Attendance > Manage Attendance to mark days present). If you are required to report hours, you may adjust the number of hours in a student’s typical school day in Admin > School Info > Students, and the hours will be automatically calculated from the days marked present.

Routines: Because routines are typically presented as a simple narrow list, this report is condensed on the left side of the page to make it smaller and easier to cut out and post/display for quick reference.

Yearbook: For detailed instructions on creating a yearbook, click here.