Homeschool Planning Software


Routines Example

Routines are schedules you create with as much or as little detail as you wish. You may have a different homeschool routine for every day of the week, or a different routine for each child, or a different routine for each child for every day of the week.  Morning routines, various cleaning routines, workout routines, kitchen routines – it doesn’t matter – you can create whatever you wish.

Routines are created and displayed on the right side of the “Today” page when you or another user sign in. Users may then select whatever Routine would be most helpful or appropriate for the time they sign in. Select a Routine using the small “up” and “down” triangles next to the Routine name.

To create a new routine on the Today page: Click on the small triangle in the top right corner of the Routine column and select “Add Routine,” with or without times. Double click on the words “New Routine” to name it.

To add items to a new routine with times: Double click next to the appropriate time field to start typing. To add items to a routine without times: click on the “+” in the first field to start typing, then press tab or return to continue adding items.

To edit an existing routine, click on the small triangle and select “edit.” When you are done making changes, switch back to “view” mode.

To print a routine, go to the Reports section and select “Routines” from the list of available reports.