Homeschool Planning Software

Saving and Protecting Your Data

OLLY automatically saves data as it is entered (except for the Yearbook Report, which must be saved manually), however it is VERY important to periodically backup your OLLY files on a separate hard drive from the one that the OLLY application uses. This way, if your main hard drive crashes, you should still be able to reload all of your data from the backup file. For even better security, make two backups: one on a separate hard drive, and another file loaded to the “Cloud,” “Dropbox,” or other Internet-based file storage site.

To create a backup file: Go to the “File” menu in the top OLLY toolbar and select “Backup to Location.” Then choose a separate hard drive within your computer or perhaps an external storage device, and type in a name for your backup. Consider using the date in the name to help identify which is the most recent file.