Homeschool Planning Software


This report allows you to print out attractive layout pages with your photos and captions.

To create a new yearbook: Click on the triangle in the upper right corner and select “Create Yearbook.” A pop­‐up box will appear asking you to name your new yearbook.

To add a page to the yearbook: Click on the “+” button in the bottom tool bar and a pop‐up box appears. A selection of templates will pop-up. Note that the gray squares in the templates indicate text boxes, the blue squares indicate photo frames, and the green boxes are for titles or subheadings. Choose a template and/or a background image. Select <Complete>.

Yearbook templates

In the template, title bars or text boxes are indicated by the words “Click to Change.” Just type over these words with whatever captions or titles you choose. You may edit the font/text properties by clicking Format > Font in the very top toolbar, causing a text formatting window to appear.

The tinted boxes of the template are photo frames. In the right side column, is a gallery of all the images you have ever entered in OLLY. Click on a picture to drag it into the empty photo frame. To remove a photo, drag it back to the right side.

To save the yearbook you have created, click on the top right triangle and select “Save changes.” Any of the yearbooks you have created may be selected from the small dialog box in top left toolbar.

To print a yearbook: Select which yearbook you wish to print from the drop-down menu, click on the small triangle in the upper right corner, and select “Print.”