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Syncing with Dropbox

Because OLLY is designed to work for Snow Leopard as well as Lion users, we are not able to use iCloud to sync data between your family’s computers. So instead, we integrated a very useful service called “Dropbox.” It is a free and easy way to store copies of important files, as well as share files quickly between computers (if you choose to). Even if you don’t need to sync, it is a good thing to have a backup copy of your OLLY data stored here.

To get started, first visit the Dropbox website to set up a free account. If you already have Dropbox, you can skip this step. While you are on their website, you might want to look at some of their “Getting Started” material to see everything you can do with Dropbox.

Once you have a Dropbox account, open OLLY and click on “File” in the top tool bar. Select “Sync with Dropbox.” A pop-up will appear asking you to link your OLLY account with Dropbox. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

When finished, you can upload your OLLY data files to Dropbox, where they will be stored, ready to download to any of your computers. You will need to repeat this initial process for your other computers.

Once OLLY is linked to Dropbox on all of your personal computers, you can download the latest data file from your master computer.

IMPORTANT: Because this is not “real time” syncing like iCloud, you will have to keep track of which computer has the latest updates and upload them to Dropbox before making changes to another computer. If you regularly use different computers, make a habit of syncing to Dropbox after every OLLY Session. If you forget, then make changes to another computer, you will then have to choose which computer to sync from – which will then override the changes on the other. For this reason, we recommend only making changes on one computer at a time, then syncing. You may view on multiple computers at once with no problems.