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About Us

OLLY is being run by Chris, a homeschool father, computer programmer, and follower of Jesus. Chris began his computer programming journey in fourth grade, spending way too many hours typing code into his father’s TRS-80 Model III computer. He has now logged over 20 years as a professional programmer, and continues to work fulltime from his home office in Tennessee. Chris has started and run many online and offline businesses through the years, including his first business of selling painted rocks in Kindergarten and his second business of selling candy and school supplies from his desk in sixth grade. The OLLY software business was purchased by Chris in late 2016.

A mother and son team created the first version of OLLY.  Jamie, the mother, had been homeschooling her three kids since 1997, and in all that time, had experimented with all sorts of record-keeping methods. She loves writing, organizing, making lists, and keeping things simple. Aengus, the son and original programmer of OLLY, was homeschooled his whole life. He started programming at the age of 13, studied computer science at the University of Washington, and is now working full-time as a professional programmer.