Homeschool Planning Software

OLLY is now available for iPad!

The iPad version has a different interface, optimized for the smaller screen and fingertip commands, but it has all the same powerful features as the Mac version. Use it as a stand-alone app or a portable supplement to your Mac version. All your data can be synced between the Mac computers and iPads in your household, making it easy for kids to see their assignments without distracting you from your work.

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Mark off assignments on the today view Create courses and lesson plans, assign/grade assignments and more from the learning view Add books and other resources Create and edit journal entries Administer your school from the Admin view, setting up users, school years, holidays, and more Print reports for personal or official use


Key Features:
– Share your data between all the iPads and Mac computers in your household, using “Dropbox” syncing.
– Create annual Learning Plans for any number of students.
– Easily create reusable Lesson Plans based on the curriculum you are using.
– A “Today” page for each user shows upcoming assignments, with boxes to check when each is completed.
– Create any number of “Routines” for different students, different days of the week, chores, habit reminders, and more.
– Assignment Calendar allows you to batch assign and bump lesson plan items.
– A “Search Online” feature makes adding books to your Resource Library quick and easy
– Create “Resource Lists” for curriculum, reading lists, planning, and recording.
– Record “Activities and Achievements” for each of your students, along with photos
– Use Journals to record your daily activities, log field trips, and upload photos to accompany your notes.
– Print out customizable reports for your own records or for others: Resource Library, Resource Lists, Activities and Achievements, Standardized Tests, Routines, Journals, Assignments,Annual Learning Plan, Course Descriptions, Attendance, Progress Report, Grade Report, and High School Transcript.

Why Use OLLY? Because paper planners are heavy!
. . . And they don’t come with a print button when it’s time to assemble reports.
. . . And it’s just so easy to create, record, and find the right information when you need to — and use it again next year.

OLLY is not an online service. A one time purchase will allow you to download the app on all the ipads in your household, and receive free 1.x updates. There is no subscription to pay, and you control your data.

To Purchase: Please visit the App Store from your iPad.

Compatibility: For iPad; requires iOS 9 or later.

OLLY for iPad will sync data with OLLY for Mac, so everyone in your family can see what’s next and stay on track, no matter where you go! We use a free service called “Dropbox” to upload and download shared data. This is not “real time” instantaneous syncing, but it is easy to use if users only make changes on one device at a time. A side benefit is it provides an excellent external data backup – something we highly recommend!